Online Poll: Most approve of polygraphs for cops

More than 55 per cent of the 345
respondents to last week’s online poll think making Royal Cayman
Islands Police Service officers take polygraph tests is a great idea.

“If the officer has nothing to
hide, what’s the problem?” asked one of the 197 people who liked the idea of
officers being given what is often referred to as a lie detector test. “Most
likely some of the local cops have plenty to hide.”

“When I was 16 years old, I had to
take a polygraph just to get a job in a large grocery store,” said someone
else. “What’s all the fuss about?”

“It has been long overdue,” said
another respondent. “This should have started long years ago.”

“Do it for all before hiring and
then again if suspected of any wrongdoing and/or every few years,” said one
person. “You fear nothing when you have nothing to hide.”

Another large segment of
respondents – 133 people or 37.6 per cent – thought polygraph tests shouldn’t
be used unless there was good reason to suspect an officer of illegality.

“Why should you have RCIPS officers
take a polygraph test unless there’s something going on with the officers?”
said one person.

 “If you don’t trust your police officers, then
who can the people trust?”

“They should take place with
discretion and as the final phase of investigation only,” said someone else.

“The commissioner and his deputies
should be the first ones to be polygraphed,” said another respondent.

“What makes them any different from
the rest of the force? They are men and they will do the same as the others.
Besides, they should be leading by example.”

Thirteen people – 3.7 per cent –
thought polygraphs shouldn’t be used under any circumstances.

“These tests are not reliable and
should not be considered, especially since they are not even admissible in
court,” said one person.

“Polygraph tests aren’t foolproof,”
said someone else. 

“This is a test that doesn’t work,”
said another respondent. “How can I use the results?”

Five people – 1.4 per cent –
thought polygraph tests should only be given to new RCIPS applicants and not to
existing officers, while six people – 1.7 per cent – responded “I don’t know”
the question.


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  1. I agree that they should take the polygraph test upon RECRUITMENT and being hired.

    But not half way through their career to jeopardize their livelihood! that’s not professional nor good business ethics. It looks very suspicious and victimizing. Also if they committed a serious crime I can understand. But to polygraph test them randomly to exercise yur authority as Comissioner, just because they speak out in exercise of their right to civil liberty, it is abusive and unfair. Comissioner David Baines is punishing them for confronting him regarding his embarrassing remarks against them in recent weeks. He should apologize and its not fair we expect better of him. RCIP has been through enough, why throw more mud at them. This makes him very unpopular with the community and will make it more difficult for crimes to be solved. While all this is happening it only ESCALATES THE CRIMES as is being witnessed now.

    Editor’s note: This comment had to be edited for legal reasons.

  2. Most approve of polygraphs for cops –
    Because most are naive to the fact that polygraphs are not scientifically sound and accurate! The poll means nothing 🙂

  3. For our readers’ general information, our on-line polls are not scientific. However, our crack IT staff does weed out duplicate votes and we do feel the polls have value as they provide another outlet for you all to express your views.

  4. Tiger – you are showing ignorance. Do you know what the reasons are surrounding why the RCIP were given polygraphs? The RCIP are not going to report to the public the very specific reasons for giving the polygraphs to their officers.

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