Update: 3 arrested in BT death

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Police detectives have arrested three men following the death of a man at Plaza Odessa in Bodden
Town Friday.

About 6.20pm police received a report
that a man was lying on the ground at Plaza Odessa. Police who attended the
scene found that the man had sustained serious injuries and had apparently lost

The man, identified as Jack Forbes,
had previously served a jail sentence for manslaughter.

Paramedics were called in and
attempted CPR to no avail. Mr. Forbes was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police had received reports from the
public that there had been a fight in the area of the mall, which is just east
of the Bodden Town Police Station.

According to witnesses, Mr. Forbes
had suffered serious blunt force injuries and also possibly some stab

Late Sunday, Royal Cayman Islands Police reported that two men – aged 18 and 36 – were in custody in connection with the killing. Both men were arrested on suspicion of murder but had not been charged.

A third man, 20, was arrested Sunday night in connection with the attack, according to police. He was also taken into custody on suspicion of murder. 

Police did not confirm a motive for
the attack, which was the eighth homicide to occur in Grand Cayman this year.

Mr. Forbes’ death was the first
killing of 2010 that did not involve a firearm.

Police asked anyone with information
to call the Bodden Town Criminal Investigation Department at 947-2220 or to
contact Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477).

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  1. Perhaps the police should review how they handle their response to fights. over the last few months there have been several fights between young caymanians, the police are called but very little happens. this makes the youth involved boldend and take on an attitude that the police cant/ wont do anything. As a result there is a fight like this on Friday and one misguided hit to the head has resulted in a loss of life. now 3 more peoples lives may have an abrupt change especially if found guilty for murder. not to mention all the families involved. I hope the police realise the importance of stopping smaller fights and being harsher on those right in the begining rather than later when its too late. I am sure that the three are known to police for other disturbances in the past, if this is the case then the police need to really step up and respond to this by implementing a stronger response to smaller infractions in the future.

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