Caybrew fights cancer

For everyone expecting to read the
latest spurious scientific data on a product now found to fight cancer, sorry
for the disappointment. In this case, drinking beer has not yet been found to
be a magic bullet against cancer. However, returning a case of Caybrew, CayLight
or Becks bottles to the Cayman Islands Brewery will definitely help the fight
against cancer in the Cayman Islands.

For every case of empties returned,
the brewery will not only give a $2 refund as it has been doing for a while,
but also donating $1 to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

According to James Mansfield,
commercial manager at the Cayman Islands Brewery, the Recycle for a Cause
initiative was inspired by his own experiences with cancer.

“The initiative was born out of the
fact that a lot of people have been affected in one way or another by cancer.
Personally, I have lost my father to it as well as a very close friend,” said
Mr. Mansfield.

As October is breast cancer
awareness month, and November is testicular cancer awareness month, the
decision was taken to help promote awareness of cancer alongside awareness of

“My thoughts around the initiative
were that we obviously want to increase our environmental campaign, and a way
to raise awareness about recycling is actually to donate some money towards the
cancer society,” said Mr. Mansfield.

The rate of bottle returns has
increased steadily since the company introduced the initiative as part of their
wider environmental programme.

“We have grown about 10 per cent in
the last two months, so there is a lot of growth in recycling and a lot of
awareness being built up. After this we hope it’s going to be 100 per cent,”
said Mr. Mansfield.

For the brewery, the programme
makes a lot of sense, and it is hoped that the community will respond by
increasing their effort to return more bottles.

“It is a win-win – we can reuse the
bottles, obviously that helps us and the environment and we can donate some
money to the cancer society. And if we get 100 per cent returns in the next two
months it’s a nice chunk of money which is good news.”

The empties can be redeemed at the
Cayman Islands Brewery, at Kaibo in North Side and at all Liquor 4 Less locations.

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