Footloose extras get Cayman holiday

To reward extras taking part in a
movie about a town where dancing and music are banned, US film makers gave them
a chance to win a holiday to a place where dancing and music are banned on Sundays
– the Cayman Islands.

Movie makers filmed scenes for a
remake of classic ‘80s hit Footloose, which starred Kevin Bacon, in Georgia
recently, and in lieu of payment, the people in the crowd scenes were entered into
a draw in which the grand prize was a round-trip ticket to the Cayman Islands.
The winner got a six-day, five-night trip for two to Cayman, flying from Tampa
to Cayman on Cayman Airways and will stay at The Sunshine Suites.

Under Cayman’s Music and Dancing
(Control) Law, dancing and music is prohibited on Sundays. Restaurants and
hotels, however, can play “pre-recorded music of soft, background nature”, but
dancing is also not allowed on those premises during Sundays. The law also applies
to Good Fridays and Christmas Days.

The original Footloose film,
released in 1984, featured Bacon as a city boy from Chicago who moves to a
small Texan town where the preacher and population believe rock music is evil
and where dancing is illegal.

Jessica Brown, event coordinator on
the movie, who helped to gather more than 800 extras for the weekend shoot,
said: “We wanted to get the crowd excited. They stayed for 12 hours and we gave
away prizes throughout the day, with the grand prize being the trip to the
Cayman Islands.”

She said the film makers did not
know that dancing was banned in Cayman on Sunday when they chose the Cayman
Islands as the prize. “I had no idea. Is it still like that?” she asked.
“That’s just serendipity then.”



The $25 million film is scheduled
for a 1 April, 2011, release.

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