Letters to the Editor: Crime is hurting tourism product

Cayman Islands tourism has
flourished due to its reputation as the safest place in the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands are losing the
battle with crime; drugs, drug dealers and home invasions are rampant. With
four or five recent home invasions and break-ins at rental properties in North
Side while occupied by tourists, the Tourism Industry is in dire straits. With
the state of the USA and the Cayman Islands economies this is not the publicity
the Cayman Islands needs or wants.

The answer the people get is “the
Government is broke” – “no money for extra police enforcement”. This is
unacceptable and counterproductive. Less tourism, less cash flow in. The
judicial system is like a revolving door as known criminals flow through the
system –arrest, court, short jail time, release, rearrested, court, shorter
jail time, release etc, etc, etc. There is no three strikes and you’re out and
get a very long prison term, it’s you are out, back to do it again.

In the name of full disclosure,
yes, my house in North Side was broken into while rental guests were sleeping.
It was a very terrifying ordeal for an American couple, their two small
children and babysitter. They chose to leave the house and return to the
States. This was their first night there of a two week stay. I am sure they,
their relatives and their friends will never set foot on the Cayman Islands
again. The thieves stole a few hundred dollars of electronics. I lost thousands
of rental income, the Government lost the tourism taxes, current and future,
loss of business for local establishments and the Island got a black eye.

I know the North Side community is
frustrated with the current state of affairs and wants more and better police
presence, judicial reform and a safe place for everyone. We all pray for help
and guidance. Grand Cayman, my second but favourite home.


Vince Macaluso


  1. And a friend experienced an attempted break-in during the day while she was home – burglar was drilling through the casement in her window in order to unlock it. These things are never reported by the press – but are happening every day.

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