Shopping for nutrition

Nutritionist Chad Collins took War
on Weight contestants through a novel shopping experience last week when he
pointed out good and bad food choices on offer on supermarket shelves.

Mr. Collins pointed out to the
participants in the WOW competition the importance of carefully reading food
labels so they would determine for themselves if the healthy claims made by
some manufacturers were true.

He said, for example, some brands
used the word Light or Lite on their products, but that does not necessarily
mean light on the calorie front – it might just mean the food is light in
colour. “‘Light’ doesn’t always mean a healthy choice,” he said.

The nutritionist advised the dieters
to check the fibre content, the amount of sodium and the number of calories in
the products they buy.

He took the participants through
the foods they could eat that counted as “free foods” in their diet and
introduced them to some decadent-sounding treats, like low-cal hot chocolate
and tasty zero-calorie diet drinks on the shelves of the Airport Foster’s Food
Fair IGA during their tour last Wednesday evening.

Ten contestants are taking part in
the Cayman Heart Fund’s third annual War on Weight 16-week competition.

In the first four weeks of the
contest, which began on 24 August, the competitors lost a total of 56 pounds
and 63.5 inches.

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