Would-be burglar injured at the museum

A hapless would-be burglar ended up
with serious lacerations Saturday evening following an apparent attempt to
break into the Cayman Islands National Museum storage area.

The front step of storage property
at the Pasadora Place shopping centre in George Town had blood all over it, and
the glass door to the building had been cracked.

However, it appeared that the
suspect was not successful in gaining entry to the storage area.

He was found a short while later by
police and had to be taken to hospital following his arrest.

There was no word
from police on why the suspect was trying to break into the museum storage.


  1. OK Lets see if the police is smart enough to seal off the crime scene area away from the public access. AND brilliant enough to collect the DNA including the obvious BLOOD SAMPLE readily available to them. I’m sure this person has had received healthcare in any one of the local hospitals or clinics. So RCIP No excuse for quickly solving this one. This is an Open and Shut case.

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