Letters to the Editor: Brother’s death wasn’t justified

On behalf of the family of the late
Jack Kennedy Forbes, I am kindly requesting you grant me space in the editorial
section of your newspaper to voice a few of my concerns.

I would first like to state our
(that being the Forbes’ family) – displeasure in which the media is broadcasting
the death of my brother. The article in the Caymanian Compass dated Tuesday,
05th October, 2010, and titled “Homicide victim had many convictions” is a deep
innuendo to the public by the writer to state that due to Jack’s past – his
death may have been well deserved.

Additionally, the article printed,
quotes sections of court records dating back and leading up to Jack’s
conviction in 2001 – omitting pertinent details surrounding the case and insinuates
a biased opinion as to the type of character Jack was.

To clarify any misconceptions, the
purpose of my letter is not to persuade the public into thinking that Jack was
untarnished. Like many, he had his issues and opted for negative choices in his
life that were most unfavourable to his family and society alike. However, (and
although my parents preceded him in death), he was someone’s child, a brother,
a father, an uncle and to many – a friend. The nature in which he died should
not be wished or bestowed on anyone – regardless of their past. 

For our family – now is a time of
grief and mourning – as our family is one member smaller.  Our only request is that any rumoured or
printed details pertaining to and surrounding Jack’s death, be done so on a
factual basis, with empathy and without prejudice. May we – as a Christian
nation – remember that we alone cannot be judge and jury as we each will have
an obligation to answer to God for our own actions.

I would like to sincerely thank
those of the public – (family, friends and strangers) – who have extended kind
condolences to our family in this matter.

Steve Watler and Jack Forbes – may
you both R.I.P.

Martha Forbes

Editor’s note: While we respect the
terrible grief and tragedy that has befallen the Forbes family in this
incident, we must state that our article referenced above was entirely factual
and based on court testimony from the relevant time. The article made no
reference, in any way, to Mr. Forbes’ brutal death being “well-deserved”, nor
did it imply such. If others have made those comments based on what was printed
in this article, the Compass has no control over those issues.

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