Letters to the Editor: Photo did Cydonie disservice

I am an avid athletics fan who has
watched Cydonie Mothersill carry Cayman’s flag since high school with
unparalleled dignity and pride.

I was therefore awestruck when I
received word that she had won gold in the 200m at the Commonwealth Games- the
crowning achievement of her outstanding career. 

As I picked up Tuesday’s Caymanian
Compass, my personal joy and celebration of her victory was doused by my utter
shock at the photo selected by your newspaper to ‘commemorate’ Cydonie’s victory.
To put it in track and field parlance- talk about a “double false start” worthy
of “disqualification”!

Sport is one of those things which
can lift the human spirit (or crush it if you are like me a suffering West
Indies Cricket fan). In all seriousness, I find it hard to believe that this is
the best picture that our main local newspaper could find to commemorate the
single greatest athletic achievement in the history of the Cayman Islands. 

In these challenging times when we
are growing weary of big front page photos in the newspaper of police crime
scenes marked with yellow tape- evidence of murders, shootings, stabbings and
robberies, it is refreshing to hear of a young Caymanian reaching the highest
of heights on the world stage. 

It should never be lost on any of
us that these are the types of moments that can inspire young people to change
their lives and to dream big. This is what builds national identity, sense of
self worth and community pride. This is something that everyone living and
working here can celebrate. Cydonie’s victory still does all these things.
Nothing can take that away- but unfortunately the photograph used by this
newspaper fell woefully short of the mark. 

Cydonie deserves much better and
the people of the Cayman Islands deserve much better. Let us continue to savour
this victory and not forget the simple lessons that Cydonie’s victory has
taught/reminded us:

1) David can still beat

2) Despite all the bad news
recently, there are still many wonderful young people in and from Cayman doing
great things with their lives;

3) A picture is still greater than
a thousand words.

Congratulations Cydonie on bringing
home the Gold for all of us.  You have
made us all proud!


Samuel Rose

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