Multi-Built rise up the ranks

In the last two years the Unity
netball club has been an after-thought on the court. Based on their current
play in the mixed netball league that perception is changing rapidly.

Coming into this week the club was
third in the 2010 Cayman Islands Netball Association Mixed Netball League.
Playing under the name of their sponsors Multi-Built construction, the squad
has a number of strong efforts against the top clubs. The last two weeks have
been especially good as the side downed Gary Palmer and Rising Stars World Gym
16-10 and lost by less than five points to Pauline Bodden and All Stars, the current
third place team.

With about a month left in the
season there is time for Unity to creep up the standings. As club manager Faye
Green states times are good for the side that has been in existence since 2008.

“Against Rising Stars their offence
didn’t score one point in the last quarter,” Green said. “It was our first win
and we were so glad because of the problems we had this year. It has been
extra-ordinary so far. It has been well done for us and if we don’t win we’ll
still feel like celebrating.

“I’m proud of our team. Imagine the
other day we lost to the defending champions All Stars by just a few points.
That game was ours and it was real exciting. I feel that every team is jealous
of us and wants to take our talent.”

Green has been in Cayman on a
full-time basis since 2006. With a netball background in Cayman that dates back
16 years, the Jamaican national has played in a number of mixed leagues. Yet
this season she has arguably her most talented team. There is captain and head
coach David Wilson, female players Ramona Denton and Tricia Hughes and
basketball stars Dwight O’Garro and Omar Clarke.

The New Testament church member
states all have had vital roles this season.

“Tricia helps me a lot and in spite
of being new she is dedicated. Omar and Dwight played with us last year and
they bring togetherness and strategy to the matches. Those young men put out
their best and they give their time. I appreciate them a lot.

“As for David we both came into the
mixed league at the same time in the early 1990s. He has done well in assisting
me with the team strategy. He gets respect from the players, puts in a lot of
effort and is a great contributor to our team.”

Everton Vidal is the managing
director of Multi-Built and states he is pleased with the team’s performance.

“It has been excellent from what
I’ve seen and heard,” Vidal said. “The trophies from years past don’t lie. It’s
really impressive and they’re much higher than I would expect they would reach
without the proper coaching. They’ve done well.”

Until now Green had made it clear
that winning was a secondary focus for the team. The side was content on being
an outlet for members of the community to get fit and develop unity. To no
surprise the club has always been in the middle of the pack in the national
netball league. But with the current crop of talent Green is singing a
different tune.

Multi-Built’s next game is on
Saturday 23 October against Richard Allen and the Frank Hall Homes Blazers. She
states her side has a legitimate shot at beating the likes of the Blazers and
fellow frontrunner Roma.

“We’re giving 100 percent effort.
We’re not afraid of the others and they’re not afraid of us. We’re going for
them. We want to put them down. We’re going to stand up and face them with
dignity. They minute you feel they will beat you that’s what will happen.

“Playing in the mixed league is
going to help us. I like the mixed league and it’s more important to us in a
way than the ladies competition because we have the men to strengthen us. I’m
loving it.”

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