Capoeira energises Cayman entusiasts

Energetic, frenetic and exciting,
Capoeira Brasil Cayman Islands attracted a lot of interest in its four-day
series of workshops, demonstrations and graduation ceremony, 6-9 October. The
festival of the fast-growing Afro-Brasilian sport, which incorporates elements
of martial arts, acrobatics, singing and music, was also an opportunity for
members to get training from Mestre Curumim from Brasil. The Mestre also
officiated at the group’s first batizado (graduation).

The demonstrations held at Grand
Harbour and Camana Bay were a vibrant display of fast-paced unarmed combat
fused with hypnotic drum beats and clapping, with group members urging each
other on. The group holds three adult classes each Wednesday at 7pm and 8pm, as
well as on Saturday at 2pm. Classes for youngsters between seven and 14 years
old take place on Wednesdays at 6pm and again on Saturdays at 1pm.


For further information contact
Instructor Koe by emailing him at [email protected]

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