Cydonie’s reception was so warm

Track queen Cydonie Mothersill
realised what a monumental feat she had achieved by the size and warmth of the
welcoming crowd as she stepped off the plane. Dignitaries who greeted her included
Minister of Sport Mark Scotland and Olympic Committee president Donald McLean.
But it was as she came out of the Owen Roberts International Airport that the
enormity of winning the 200 metres Gold at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi on
Monday really hit her. They came out en masse to greet the sprint ace on
Wednesday night.

One of them was Evelyn Rockett, who
was Cydonie’s trainer at high school. She said: “Cydonie’s husband Ato called
me as soon as she won. I don’t think she had even left the track yet. I feel so
much joy for Cydonie. She has worked very hard this year. She stayed focused,
and despite all the injuries that have happened to her in the past and all the
negative things, she was able to put all that aside, focus on her race and came

“I watched it on TV and it was
magnificent. I honestly think she totally believes in herself and she knew it
would eventually come and the fact that all the people around her are so
positive helped. That’s really what’s important in her life, the positive
people that she surrounds herself with. Good coaching over the years has helped
too. She’s had a wonderful development. I don’t think at any stage her
development was rushed. It was a process and it has all definitely paid off.
Over the years we’ve had tears and times when we’ve laughed, we’ve had all the
emotions. She’s been like my first child.

“I hope to see a lot more
youngsters getting involved in track and field now. Not just involved but
staying with the programme until they can reap this type of reward. The
youngsters have to stay focused and realise that it’s not just going to come
like that. They have to allocate some time to work at it.”

Also there was cricket’s technical
director Theo Cuffy with his wife Sandra who was manager of the CARIFTA track
team when the Games were held here in Easter. Flag footballer Luigi Moxam,
Cydonie’s husband Ato, Laurice Fraser (mother of swimmers Shaune and Brett) and
Merta Day were amongst the many well wishers.

Minister Scotland said: “Cydonie’s
success is not just great for track and field but great for sports generally on
the island. This is the climax of all that hard work. To win a gold medal like
that for this country is awesome. This is just a continuation of the good track
and field we had with CARIFTA.

“One good thing about this is that
Cydonie has been doing a lot of her training in Cayman. It says a lot about the
facility here to provide for athletes at this level.”

Mothersill’s success raises hopes
of seeing her compete here next year at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.
Scotland said: “I’ve spoken to the Cayman Islands Athletic Association and the
ministry is prepared to support that. I’d like to see an invitation meet with
all our elite athletes, including Ronald Forbes, Michael Letterlough and the
Morgan twins who all went to the Commonwealths.

“The CIAA would be the ones to
spearhead that and I hope they will. I’ve spoken to their president (Rayle
Roberts) on a couple of occasions and I’d loved to see them do that. We would
definitely support that. We could showcase our athletes and get some international
ones in and let our youngsters see those guys running on the world stage.”

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