Favre is being mocked now

Athletes going on for too long is a
sad aspect of professional sport but a topic for gleeful debate for the general
public and commentators alike. Brett Favre is providing plenty of fodder in
sports circles that care about the NFL. Even the late-night TV chat show hosts
are now gleaning material from Favre’s antics as his quickly diminishing legacy
continues to shrink faster than a C.C Sabathia pitch. The latest negative topic
during Favre’s apparent mid-life crises is that he allegedly sent inappropriate
text messages to a female sideline reporter two years ago. It brought home the
fact that at 41 the Vikings quarterback, by the start of the New Year, is more
likely to be sharing a messy and expensive divorce discussion with Tiger Woods
than measuring up for a Super Bowl ring.

Favre is riddled with niggling
injuries, one of which, a problematic elbow, was a contributing factor to the
Vikings’ loss to the New York Jets on Monday. He has been using the arm
sparingly in training this week which seems illogical for an NFL quarterback.
But such is the Vikings’ faith – or blind loyalty – to him, despite the fact he
has 10 of Minnesota’s 11 turnovers. The Vikings are 1-3 and play another crisis
team with the same statistic on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys. It is a crossroads
game for both sides and even if the Vikings win, it should be the last Favre
plays at that level. Only when he eventually needs a zimmer frame will he reluctantly
retire, it seems.

The concussive effect of two decades
in football have evidently taken their toll on the only grandfather in the NFL.
Like a veteran boxer long past his prime but still refusing to walk away from
the sport he once enhanced, Favre should be retired immediately and given a TV
analyst’s job to keep him in the mix but out of arm’s way.

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