Bad luck, germs or bad genes?

Are you aware that every cell in
your entire body is genetically identical and, as humans, we each share the
same genetic make-up? A hair cell, a liver cell or a skin cell all have the
identical blueprint.

So what makes 10 trillion cells in
a human body look and function differently from each other? And why do we look
different than our friends or relatives? 

It’s a complicated but innate
(inner intelligence) process called ‘gene expression’ or the way genes are
turned off and on that allows for the variation and variety.

We can think of it like the
alphabet – 26 letters can spell all the words imaginable. Our genes are like
the letters and the cells are like the words. If we turn on the ‘C’ ‘H’ ‘O’ ‘I’
‘C’ ‘E’ letters, we spell the word ‘choice’. Therefore, depending on what genes
are turned on will determine the type of cell and its function. 

The external and internal
environments that our body is exposed to over a lifetime will determine how our
genes are expressed. Therefore, our state of health is the genetic expression
or the effect of your lifestyle choices. 

These genes will react perfectly
all the time but, depending on the level of purity and sufficiency or the level
of toxicity and insufficiency we expose our body to, the type and function of
these genes change. 

The lifestyle choices we make with
regards to foods, drinks, exercise, or lack of exercise, and our daily
thoughts, good or bad, will bio-accumulate with time. 


The good news

The good news is that your good
choices bio-accumulate with time. You can’t undo the positive effects of a
nutritious salad by eating a donut. The bad news is your bad choices also
bio-accumulate with time. So, too many donuts will negatively add up, so too
will not exercising or not filling our thoughts with positivity!

As long as people continue to
believe that they are sick because of random chance, bad luck, bad germs or bad
genes, they are not going to make the lifestyle changes that are required for a
longer, higher quality of life filled with vitality because they don’t think
it’s worth it. Why would you give up chocolate, chips, the lazy boy and beer
chugging if they’ve been told it’s not going to make a difference? 

In a popular heartburn commercial,
an overweight, heartburn-suffering gentleman is encouraged to take an
over-the-counter medication being advertised so he can continue eating hot
wings even though his body is telling him otherwise. We are being told that
it’s OK to continue eating this bad food and a pill can fix the problem. 

Instead of encouraging the
gentleman to address the cause of the problem and eat something more
nutritious, he is persuaded that he can ignore his body signals and continue to
make these bad lifestyle choices.


Choices matter

Where have we gone wrong as a
society with our thought process when this becomes acceptable? How far are we
going to let this go? 

The single biggest threat to your
children’s health, your parent’s health and your health is chronic disease caused
by lifestyle choices. In order to be a healthier society, we need to begin to
make better choices with our foods, amounts of exercise and thinking. We need
to begin to provide our bodies with the genetic requirements it so desperately

Begin today and incorporate some
raw vegetables, a walk, a prayer and enjoy the gradual improvement as your body
begins to transform. 

Soon your body will crave the new
changes and reject the nasty habits of the past. 

Begin your new life today. 

Eat well. Move well. Think well.


Think again before making bad lifestyle and diet choices.
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