Letters to the Editior: Listen to the voice of experience

Reading your article “Cayman needs
new Residency Category” by John May of Capital Realty Ltd.

What a breath of ‘fresh air’ and at
last a sensible ‘cause and effect’ argument, how could anyone either Caymanian
or Expat alike find fault with such a sound suggestion, with no apparent down

I know of Mr. May a very popular
and successful visionary of many years experience. I do hope he is listened to
as I am exactly in that situation he describes, having owned property and
attempted to settle in the Cayman now for a number of years, although I have
made many friends and met some wonderful people, sadly, after all this time I
do not feel welcome as I am always given a hard time by immigration, despite
spending a considerable amount of dollars here each year supporting local
Industry and services, I compete with no-one and indeed do not drive my car at
peak times.

However, I am moving on because I
feel I am wasting my time as my future does not feel secure on Cayman, I doubt
if you will miss me or my contributions alone but I know others have left
before me with many more to follow, collectively we will be missed, so each
individual is important.

Please to the powers that be,
LISTEN TO MR. MAY and the voices of experience like him. Please listen and then
act, it is getting late.


John Wood

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