Tips for our seniors

It has been noted that a
demographic revolution is under way throughout the world with an estimated
global population of 600 million people aged 60 and over.

I believe the trend will be the
same in Cayman, so let us celebrate the fact that we are living longer and,
hopefully, healthier lives.

We all must continue to do what we
can to help those who are most vulnerable, those who face financial hardships,
those who live lonely and isolated lives as well as those who fear for their
personal safety.

The month of October, which is
Older Persons Month, is an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the seniors for
their huge input, as well as the enormous and meaningful contributions they
continue to make in every aspect of life.

Indeed, older persons in the Cayman
Islands and other parts of the world continue to make a significant
contribution. For example, seniors in Cayman volunteer with children, other
seniors and with the sick.

This year’s priority theme of Older
Persons in Economically Challenging Times comes against the backdrop of the
economic downturn being encountered in many parts of the world. All of us,
including our seniors, face decisions about our daily existence and long term
economic future.

But let us focus on some ways to
cope, survive or even thrive in today’s darkening economy.

I want you to remember the acronym:

Time – Find time for others. You
can devote some time to others by praying for them, calling them, visiting them
and sharing interest or concerns with them. 

Recognise your limitations –
Recognise that there are some things that you will no longer be able to do or
achieve. So just learn to be content in whatever stage you find yourself

Use your money wisely – In these
economically challenging times, especially when you face decisions about your
daily existence and your financial future, it becomes even more important for
you to use your money wisely. Strive for achieving other things (balance) – The
first one is to read and study the Bible, so as to better understand more of
the Christian faith.

The second is to exercise. Many
studies have shown that people who pursue physical activity into their older
years enjoy longer, healthier years than inactive older people do. 

The third thing you can do is to
gain new skills. In these economically challenging times, some of you can gain
new skills, such as understanding more about the computer and the Internet.

Fourth, do some further studies if
possible. With the rapid increase in technology, you have the opportunity to
increase your knowledge.

My advice is: Don’t be afraid to
learn since learning is a lifelong practice and a life-wide process.

Turn to God more – Sometimes as we
get older, we tend to worry more, but God wants us to simply to turn to Him and
trust Him. Place everything – our fears, our concerns – in His hands.

Maureen Hazle is an adult educator.


Useful contact numbers:

Community Development Coordinator:
Zemrie Thompson 916-1091

East End Community Development
Officer: Delmira Kirchman-Bodden 925-5543

North Side Community Development
Officer: Wendy Quinland 925-0229

Bodden Town Community Development
Officer: Carol Bodden 916-3309

George Town Community Development
Officer: Dorline Welcome 925-4083

West Bay Community Development
Officer: Zemrie Thompson 916-1091

Cayman Brac Community Development
Officer: Annie Rose Scott 925-9872

Legal Befrienders: 945-8869

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