Book boost for ICCI’s library

Rotary Central and Cayman Airways deliver

Rotary Central and Cayman Airways
Cargo Services coordinated the delivery of 100 books from a US private donor
for the International College of the Cayman Islands on 11 October.

The books, primarily US history,
world politics and classics, were donated by US citizen Don Chomiak to help the
International College continue to rebuild its library since its destruction by
Hurricane Ivan.

Rotary Central coordinated the
delivery of the books and Cayman Airways Cargo Services provided shipping from
Miami to Grand Cayman at no charge. 

“Prior to Hurricane Ivan we had
over 18,000 volumes in our library,” said International College dean Scott
Cummings. “Today, we have less than 3,000 and that is up from the 1,600 we had
immediately after Ivan. Book donations … are helping us restock areas of our
library that are lacking the biographical and historical items, which round out
a fully serviceable library.”

Over the last two years, Rotary
Central has led a book drive that has brought in several hundred for the
college library. In response to requests from alumni who are also members of
the Rotary Central, at least two donations have come from universities —
Pacific Lutheran and Warner Southern.

Cayman Airways has provided
shipping services of books from Miami to Grand Cayman for overseas donations.

“When we approached Cayman Airways
about cargo services, they immediately agreed to ship books from the US on a
space-available basis for the International College library,” said Nickii Sonnenberg
of Rotary Central. “Cayman Airways has supported this cause from the beginning
and have shipped more than 10 boxes of books.”

Cayman Airways Cargo Services
Manager Tyrone Welds said: “Cayman Airways has always believed in supporting
education as part of its community service role. So on behalf of the airline,
we are delighted to provide shipping services and assistance to the International
College in rebuilding its library.”

Ms Sonnenberg is trying to work out
a similar agreement with British Airways or another airline for freight
services for little or no charge to encourage more book donations from
universities and private donors in the UK.

“People who are interested in
contacting their alma matter to contribute to the International College library
may contact me at [email protected] for information on books needed and a sample
letter to their university,” said Ms Sonnenberg.

The International College needs
both books and funds to restock the library and build a new library equal to
the one that was destroyed six years ago, the dean said.

“This is an ongoing effort by the
college to replenish its library and, once again, be both the International
College and the Savannah-Newlands community library,” the dean added.

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