Editorial for October 27: Lend a helping hand to others

Usually we think about giving to
those in less fortunate circumstances around Christmas time.

But a group of women has seen a
need on Grand Cayman and they are answering the call.

A team of women from Cayman
Believers Ministry plans to feed as many families as it can before 11 December.
That’s when their food drive will come to an end.

Project Love – Good Neighbouring
Feeding the Hungry is an effort that needs help from each and every one of us.

The women in the group will be
stationed at various supermarkets throughout Grand Cayman appealing to shoppers
for food stuffs.

Please do what you can to help.

While you are in the store, pick up
an extra can of soup, one more box of macaroni and cheese, another bunch of
bananas; anything you can purchase to help out a family that needs assistance.

The Cayman Islands is filled with
people who truly do care for each other.

We found that out during and after
Hurricane Ivan in 2004 when neighbour depended on neighbour for help.

We are living in economically
challenging times. It is getting more expensive day by day just to make ends

Those who don’t have discretionary
incomes are finding their money being spent on the necessities of life –
electricity, petrol for their vehicles so they can go to their jobs, healthcare
— and the list goes on.

Please, do what you can to assist
these women in making other people’s lives a little brighter.

Don’ wait until Christmas to lend a
helping hand. Our Caymanian brothers and sisters need our help now. Do what you
can, please,

Show that the true Caymanian spirit
is alive and well on Grand Cayman.

We come together for so many other
causes. This one is vitally important because we know there are people in our
midst who are struggling financially.

No family – and indeed no child –
should go to bed hungry tonight or any other night.

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