Hit-and-run report delayed for weeks

The Royal Cayman Islands Police
Service is investigating the apparent delayed report of what officers believe
was a hit-and-run accident in George Town in June.

The victim in the crash,
59-year-old Mike Allan Jervis, died from his injuries nearly four months later.
Police reported his death to the public on Friday.

The Caymanian Compass could find no
other record of police having reported the accident, although a spokesperson
said a statement regarding the incident was made to another local media organisation
sometime in mid-August.

“There has been some considerable
media and public speculation about the handling of this investigation,
particularly in relation to the fact that no public appeal for information was
made until six weeks following the incident,” RCIPS Chief Superintendent John
Jones said in a prepared statement.

“I can confirm that the RCIPS has
launched an enquiry into a number of aspects of the case,” Mr. Jones’ statement
said. “The enquiry will look at all areas of the investigative strategy
including internal and external communication, supervisory procedures and
communication specifically with external agencies such as the Cayman Islands
Health Authority.”

Mr. Jones said the six-week delay
in public notification about the accident could have cost police investigators
valuable information from anyone who might have seen the incident occur.

“We know that even if we had
handled this matter in a different way it would not have changed the sad events
of last week for Mr. Jervis or his family – but perhaps it would have given
them more confidence in us as a Police Service,” Mr. Jones said.

According to police reports on the
incident, it was believed the hit-and-run accident happened on Eastern Avenue
around 3.20am Sunday, 27 June. Mr. Jervis was found lying on the sidewalk next
to his bicycle, suffering from serious head injuries.

Mr. Jervis was airlifted to a hospital in Nassau, Bahamas for treatment but never regained consciousness.

Initial investigations by police
revealed that two vehicles were seen in the Eastern Avenue area near the Cayman
Shoe Shop around the time of the crash, but no one has since come forward
indicating they saw the accident. A side mirror from a Honda Sabre was found
near the crash scene and police are trying to trace the vehicle it belongs to.

“Let me assure the family that
where we identify failings, changes will be made to ensure that these failings
do not happen again- if that means that policies and procedures need to be
improved, or disciplinary action requires to be taken, we will have no
hesitation in doing that,” Mr. Jones said.

Police are drafting new training
policies for the investigation of serious car accidents, although Mr. Jones
gave no indication – other than the failure to immediately release details of
the hit-and-run to the public – that this particular investigation had gone

Mr. Jervis’ death is the fifth to
occur on Grand Cayman roads this year.


  1. I seem to be drawing mind blocks of recent. I am appealing to the public for clarification and or interpretation one more time, required for the following quote:

    although Mr. Jones gave no indication other than the failure to immediately release details of the hit and run to the public that this particular investigation had gone amiss.

    Apparently, there may or may not have been a hit and run accident, in which a side mirror may or may not have come from the vehicle that may or may not have struck the victim and there may or may not have been witnesses to the accident, but they may or may not have left the island already, seeing that it is 4 months since the incident and if they haven’t they might not come forward now because they may be afraid of any type of intimidation since this is now a vehicular manslaughter charge. But other than all this doubt nothing else has gone amiss in this investigation.

    Which investigation are you talking about Mr. Jones?

    The investigation that may or may not have taken place that the outcome might or might not have been different had you all advised the public of?

    That investigation?

    If you are unable to see that something is wrong with that statement then I can see why you wouldn’t see that something was amiss with the investigation.

    And to believe that we are dependent on you for crime solving.

    Please cut the jargon, stop skipping around the issue, stop pretending that we are a bunch of backwooders and just admit that you all messed up. Big time. For whatever reason. Negligence or cover up. Just admit that you all had your reasons for not reporting this. Maybe it was because of his social status. Maybe it was because he, like Mr. Ebanks from West Bay wasn’t worth as much to unnah as the iguanas that the reward was being offered for at the same time of his accident being reported, even though he too had been hit by a hit and run driver. 100 feet from West Bay police station. But then, they both had the same social status.

    Please don’t continue to add insult to injury. For want of a better phrase.

  2. I’ll bet you a hearty good morning that the hit and run driver was an elected official, a big shot, or an RCIP.

    I have a pretty good idea already ’cause I know how to make sense out of nonsense.

    I’ll extend my bet to a good afternoon that the dates reported are not only incorrect but have been deliberately changed to compliment COVER UP situation.

    The bet is hereby extended to a final good evening that some of us BUT NOT all would be shocked out of our wits if and when it is revealed WHO REALLY HIT, RAN AND KILLED MR. JERVIS!

    Its just a metter of time before they start confessing, and then they will have to resign fron that big pay check coming in monthly as well.
    A good conscience is better than great riches so

  3. Deart Watchmi Wachyou,

    Here’s the answer in a question:

    Can Ceasear really and truly investigate Ceasar?

    And Can Ceasar really Appeal his own case to Ceasar?

    Can Ceasar really report his hit and run case to Ceasar?

    Does Ceasar have to answer to anyone else higher than Ceasar?

    So who can prosecute Ceasar if he is involved in a hit and run acccident?

  4. I mean, honestly speaking now, I thought I was starting to lose it! Having to appeal to the public twice or maybe three times in 24 – 48 hours was really starting to worry me!

    Guys, thank you so much for your comments that have made me realise that I still somewhere along "Sane Avenue".

    And your comments also helped me to realise that we can see past the end of our noses.

    Investigation my foot.

    The audacity.

  5. When summing up the topics that has dominated this forum in the last month or so, I really feel a lot of sympathy for the good people posting here and doing their best to make a positive difference to what is wrong in the Cayman Islands.

    I no longer live in Cayman but try to add my two bits to the process, with the same purpose in mind, as Cayman will always be my home.

    If the people of the Cayman Islands can make sure that all the safeguards that their new constitution promises them are put in place, they will have the tools to address these type of situations.

    I couldn’t agree with Dubai more in pointing out that Ceaser (the police) cannot investigate Ceaser (the police) and hope to get anything like a true or fair result.

    This is exactly what an independent Police Review Commission (or whatever name the constitution calls it) is supposed to be for; I, for one, don’t believe that the Police Commissioner should be a part of that Commission but he is slated to be.

    In spite of all that is written on paper, things remain as they always have been, in spite of all our best efforts.

    It saddens me to say so but all indications show that as long as McKeeva Bush and this UDP government is in charge, no progress in the reforms necessary in Cayman will take place, constitution or not.

    The political opposition is mute and silent, where it is their job to protect the interests of the people of Cayman.

    What on earth is going on ?

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