Disco is ALIVE

Disco Fever at the Wharf will carry
a different contagion on Friday (29 October), when in honour of Halloween the
party will prove that disco is not dead, but actually undead! Think of the
music video for Thriller and you should start getting an idea of what the Wharf
will look like when Disco Fever Halloween Edition takes over.

With a creak of the coffin and a
rattle of the chain, the dance floor will come alive with ghouls and ghosts
with a taste for boogie as all manner of creatures get down until the wee

Regular DJ Ben Maxwell will be back
on the decks, with a garland of garlic, a silver bullet, some holy water and a
wooden stake or two for protection, just in case the assembled horde starts
getting a little too friendly.

Of course, the music mix will
include the usual crypt-shaking, crowd-pleasing blend of disco classics, with a
couple of monstrous hits thrown in for good measure.

“Halloween at the Wharf is a Cayman
tradition, with great music, great drinks specials as well as thousands of
dollars worth of prizes for costumes, including tickets on Cayman Airways,
tickets to Sean Paul on 5 November, as well as gift certificates to other
restaurants in Cayman,” said the DJ.

Drinks specials for the evening
will include $2 shots, $2.75 Red Stripes and $4.50 Bacardi well drinks, with
nary a test tube full of bubbling fluorescent green science-gone-wrong in

To set the scene, there will also
be a big screen showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and for all those who
find the Time Warp a touch too complicated (it’s just a jump to the which side
again?) there will be the classic slasher film Halloween.

So lurch on down to the Wharf on
Friday (tonight) for a monster of a time, and have a howling good Halloween
with Disco Fever.


Monstrous Halloween Hits:

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Superstition – Stevie Wonder

Somebody’s watching me – Rockwell

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker

Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett


Costume conundrum

Trouble deciding on a costume? Here
are couple of options.



If you are dead on your feet at the
end of the week, a zombie is the perfect creature to keep on dancing well past



Even when things get a little hairy
at the party, a werewolf is always dressed for the occasion.



After spending all week hiding in
that coffin you call an office, it’s time to come out and play. Just remember
to be home before sunrise.


Frankenstein’s monster:

Born with two left feet? No problem
– just blame it on a parts shortage and lurch over to the dance floor anyway.



For anyone looking to unwind at the
end of a long week there can be no better costume.

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