Brac seafarers honour Phoenix Group project

The Seaman’s Centre in Cayman Brac last week was finally able to host their first picnic since 2007, “thanks in large part to Troy Rankin, the project manager, and Phoenix Construction,” during the rebuilding process, said Arlin Tatum, acting president of the Veterans & Seaman’s Society of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. “It is difficult to go through a rebuilding process, but when you look at the great new facility we now have, it is in many ways worth it.”

“We now have a place to safely store all our valued historical pictures and artefacts. In fact, this now becomes a place well worth a visit when you are in Cayman Brac,” he added.

“It was challenging getting the project done in the time frame required, but it was always a pleasure working with Arlin and his people here,” said Mr. Rankin, who enjoyed his Cayman Brac experience.

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