Dolphin Discovery hosts tourism do

Dolphin Discovery hosted a group of local Caymanian taxi drivers, bus drivers, tour operators and their families on Sunday.

Over 350 people showed up at Dolphin Discovery to eat, drink and swim with the dolphins, in a show of appreciation and solidarity for the island’s tourism industry.

“We put the event together so drivers and their families can enjoy an attraction in the island, also in appreciation for their support to our business,” said Carlos Moreno, general manager at Dolphin Discovery. “Many families have not had the opportunity to swim with dolphins, so this event is for them. They can swim, eat and drink for free.”

Drivers and their families also enjoyed the music and the opportunity to chat with fellow drivers, while their children played on the large blow-up castle.

Sonya Moya, one of the Cayman Island’s tour operators, brought five of her family members to Dolphin Discovery.

“I didn’t swim with the dolphins this year because I swam last year,” she said. “I already have my dolphin keepsake.”

She said that everyone had a “wonderful time and the food was really good.”

“The whole day was warmly appreciated,” she said. “It was just amazing. They really did something nice for us.”

Tour driver Quentin Ebanks brought his mother-in-law, his wife and his two-year-old son.

“I was there for only a half-hour, and by the time I was ready to leave, it was packed,” he said. “It’s a good gesture, and it’s fun for everyone in the family.”

Dolphin Discovery has held parties like this since it opened in December of 2008. The last party for drivers was in March.

“We wanted to give something back to them for all they do for us and the island,” Mr. Moreno said.


  1. Quote…. ‘We wanted to give something back to them for all they do for us and the island.’

    Yes. What a nice, selfless gesture.

    If you really wanted to do something strictly out of kindness, why not give all the police, firemen and their families a free day too? Or what about all the doctors and medical staff on the island? Or teachers! There you go! Aren’t teachers more deserving of a free family day?

    Oh yeah, there’s no potential for increased business and profit from doctors or teachers.

    It wasn’t a ‘gift’ in the name of kindness and true appreciation.

    Call it what it was.

    A publicity stunt. The same way you’d give free swims to radio dj’s, celebrities and reporters.

    Regardless, you continue to show support for ‘cab drivers’, I’ll continue to show support for the wild caught dolphins kept in a goldfish bowl for ignorant people’s entertainment.

    I hope your stunt fails and your prison is shut down sooner than later.

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