Letters to the Editor: Time for national meeting

Let us all come together and talk about all that effects us all here in the Cayman Islands.

Yes, let us all talk about what is going on right now that effects our present and our future.

Caymanians and all the different people here with us living and working on our Island, we need to have a real national meeting and talk about, as Mr. Bush puts it, this Category 5 problem that we are having here in Grand Cayman.

We know that the present leadership of this country does not have any real good answers for us and they do not know how to fix the problem, so let us all come together like we did in Ivan and get this Island back on the right track.

We need to let the leaders know what we want and how to go about getting it done.

The people really need to air their concerns to this leadership for they seem to think that they are the masters of the people and should not listen to anyone.

So let us invite all of them to this national meeting where anyone from anywhere that would like to speak will have a chance to do so and then perhaps we will all have a sense of where we are going.

If you really look at it, we live and work on these Islands and pay this big amount of money that Government feeds off and mostly wastes.

The people that live here are all affected by what the leadership does.

The leaders of this country really need to sit down and listen to all the people.

This should be made to happen where we the people can invite them to come and listen and hear what the people that pay them have to say.

If we don’t sit down on this Island and have a real Cayman national meeting and put a stop to this run away train, well to the leadership if all you do is to pretend that it is OK and that you can control things, rest assured; your crime rate will outpace your drop in the financial world.

We need to talk to the members of the UDP leadership and all members of the PPM leadership.

We need all other members of government, selected or elected – the governor, the commissioner of police, special guests, all members of past governments and all seamen.

We need to talk to all of the leadership and come to a national understanding of where we are going and how to get there.

The need for this level of freedom is needed here in Cayman now because there is so much confusion on this small island that makes for an angry people. Crime is rising because people are out of work.

By the time the people have finished talking to the leadership of this country we should have come to some better sense of direction than we have at present and to the present leadership, I don’t need anyone to write for me.

I would like to thank the Compass newspaper for printing my pieces, but most of all I want to thank all the people that read the newspaper and read my pieces and think that what I write makes sense.

I write for all of you like someone standing at the gap; for all that is just and fair, for all the people that hail me along the road or call me on my cell just to say hello, job well done. Special thanks to you.

I would be honoured if at the national meeting I, Emile S. Levy, would be granted the privilege to be one of the national speakers to the people.

We must come together.

Emile S. Levy

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