Nassau grouper still protected, board advises

The Marine Conservation Board has issued a statement reminding the public that the taking of any Nassau grouper in any of the designated grouper spawning areas during the months November through March is prohibited.

The eight-year ban is still in effect.

The board also reminded the public that no Nassau grouper may be taken with any spear gun in Cayman waters.

Designated grouper areas are located at the following locations: Grand Cayman – East End ‘Coxswain Bank’ and South West Point ‘Sand Cay’; Cayman Brac – East End and West End; Little Cayman – East End and West End; 12 Mile Bank – Northeast and Southwest ends.

Further information on these areas may be obtained at the Department of Environment offices on North Sound Road in George Town.
Anyone wishing to report violations of the Marine Conservation Law may do so confidentially to the DOE at 949.8469, Marine Enforcement Supervisor Mark Orr at 916.4271, or Emergency 911.


  1. Too little too late I am afraid. I am a professional diver and I can tell you there are not many Nassau groupers left. In fact, there is not much of anything left out there. It is time Cayman get serious about their beautiful nature resource. Turtle farm discharge, over fishing, garbage dump runoff and general disregard are quickly turning the reefs into aquatic deserts. No reefs, no divers, no tourists, no vacation destination, no economy.

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