Images of ‘Obama’ bank robbery released

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has released several CCTV images of a robbery at Butterfield Bank in the Compass Centre in attempts to locate the suspects involved.

The images clearly show at least two of the robbers, including one wearing a mask of US President Barack Obama. They also show several bank customers laying down on the floor.  

An incentive is being offered to anyone who has information about Wednesday’s
bank heist at Butterfield Bank in the Compass Centre.

Butterfield Bank (Cayman), Limited, Crime Stoppers, and the
RCIPS have joined forces to offer a reward up to US$50,000 for information
leading to the arrest and conviction of the bandits.

Three men wearing Halloween masks and carrying handguns walked into the bank around 11.20am
Wednesday, 24 November. 

One of the men fired a shot into the ceiling and ordered
everyone onto the ground; the three then demanded money and fled with an
undisclosed amount of cash.

No one inside the bank was injured.

A 17-year-old was arrested on
suspicion of robbery in connection with the heist. He has since been released on police bail.

Anyone with information about the robbery must contact
officials at the George Town Police station on 949-4222 or crime stoppers-
800-8477- before 31 December to be eligible to claim the reward.


A photo taken by CCTV cameras inside Butterfield Bank at the Compass Centre.
Photo: RCIPS



  1. CayCompass please try to be more careful with how you chose headings for your reports.

    The Secret service could be on your tail for using the President’s name in such fashion.

    You should state that the bank robber was wearing an Obama Mask. that would be more bureaucratic.
    With what I’m reading, you’re asking for trouble.
    Try and make the correction ASAP

  2. I can’t believe its now 2010 and crime is escalated to a level out of control in the Cayman Islands.

    I cannot believe what I am seeing. Bank Presidents are you really serious about keeping your rates insurance premiums down? And do you think about the safety of your tellers and your customers? Or are you trying to impress the Tourist that everything is peace and safety in all the sudden destruction?

    If the answer is Yes to my first quiz, then why do you still have open teller windows instead of building a bullet proof cage around your bank tellers? Also what about using some of those billions of dollars you haul in weekly and place a weapons or metal detector at the door and when it sounds off have the security guard search the customer or suspect entering!

    The US Airports systems since 911 have slowed down trying to save lives. Why not focus more on safety than greed?

  3. I lived in grand cayman for twelve years, and it was by far the best years of my life so far. The news that’s coming from the island resently does not show the best of the island.If the islands fat cat meaning the politician does do something about the crime it going to be hell to pay. what next a visitor got killed in broad day light. And for the parents that think that their kids are not doing anything, wake up report then to the police. The police can’t do it alone.

  4. The person who posted the comment that the 17-year old arrested as reported by the police hit the nail directly on the head when saying that this was an arrest to ‘fool’ the public.

    The reality TV show, ‘The First 48 Hours’ of live criminal cases in the USA shows that if a crime is not solved or solid evidence collected within the first 48 hours, or 2 days, the chances of solving that crime diminishes greatly.

    Obviously this poor 17-year old must not have been one of the bank robbers and is probably being ‘squeezed’ by the police because of something they think he might know but…

    A US$50,000 reward and CCTV footage being made public are clear signs that another successful bank robbery has gone down.

    Time for the banks to take up Tiger’s suggestion and begin to build bullet-proof counters and put in metal detectors in bank entrances.

    The RCIPS are a pathetic, useless police force when it comes to solving serious crime in the Cayman Islands; Caymanian people had better start to take serious measures for their own protection for themselves now.

  5. you know what would make sense? giving the security guards guns… OR the RCIPS could try and get their deficit under control by forming a special squad of armed security officers to rent to businesses like local banks.

    but that would make a little too much sense now, wouldn’t it?

  6. What is the latest result from the Police Investigators on the Bank Robberies? All I ever hear about is the Police issuing tickets for speeding, etc. Do we have Police Investigators in the Service? In a population of say 50,00 people, has someone checked:
    1) Has large cash purchases (over 20k) been made for Cars, boats, and other luxury items including land, from persons who does not have a steady job and any real assets?
    2) Can the airlines give information on frequently fliers from persons who dont normally do so from Cayman?
    3) Check the whereabout of people who have left the island for prolonged periods?
    4) Seek information on teh above form neighbouring countries

  7. Sorry to say, Blue but the criminals who rob banks and other businesses in Grand Cayman are much smarter than you give them credit for.

    Theyre also smart enough to figure out and predict the response levels and investigation and detection abilities of the RCIPS in major crimes.

    If you look back at the comments that were posted when this robbery went down, you will see that some others of us are as well.

    The average citizen in the Cayman Islands who break minor laws, either on purpose or mistakenly, have much more to fear from the RCIPS than the perpetrators of any major crime.

    And, unfortunately, its been that way for many years now so…

    Dont hold your breath on anything changing anytime soon…

    And pray youre not in the bank when the next robbery goes down.

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