Online poll: Apathy over PPM leadership

Respondents to last week’s online poll showed no clear-cut choice with regard to who should become the next leader of the People’s Progressive Movement.

In fact, the largest segment of the 529 respondents – 195 people or 36.9 per cent – answered ‘Who cares?’ to the question of who they thought should take Kurt Tibbetts’ place as the PPM’s next leader.

“We should do away with the party system anyway,” said one person.

“Honestly, none of them are worthy of possibly being the next premier of this country,” said another person.

“Politicians are all the same; crooks with their cronies,” said someone else.

Of the four sitting elected PPM legislators, Sister Islands’ MLA Moses Kirkconnell had the most support with 103 votes, or 19.5 per cent.

“Moses is a man of integrity and money won’t influence him,” said one person.

“Moses with Arden as deputy,” said someone else.

George Town MLA Alden McLaughlin received the next largest number of votes with 94, or 17.8 per cent.

“He is the best one for the job in all respects and will not back down,” said one respondent.

“While he is the youngest in the political arena, he has the necessary educational background,” said someone else.

East End MLA Arden McLean received 73 votes, or 13.8 per cent.

“We need someone who’s gonna put McKeeva Bush in his place,” said one person. “The Action Man is needed.”

Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden received 25 votes, or 4.7 per cent. “He is a good person and he will help everyone,” said one respondent.

Thirty-nine people responded ‘someone else’ to the question and then wrote in the name of the person they thought should become the next leader of the PPM. North Side MLA Ezzard Miller – an independent legislator with no party affiliation – received five write-in votes, the most of any write-in names. Charles Clifford and Osbourne Bodden, both former PPM legislators, also received write-in votes. Mr. Clifford recently resigned from the PPM and harshly criticised the party when doing so.

Other prominent Caymanians receiving write-in votes included Joey Hew, Gary Rutty and Tim Adam.

“Maybe [Tim Adam] can apply the same logical thinking as he has in the case of the Turtle 
Farm,” said one person.

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  1. I find this report hard to believe.
    It does not seem accurate.I am certain Mr. Ezzard Miller received more votes than reported here,but those struggling to control Caymanians and what they have has attempted to drown out Mr. Millers votes and the authenticity of them with some PPM and uDP influence as well?!. Why because he is concerned for his people. those who will support Caymanians those that dominate the forums that were designed for the vices of the Caymanian people try to shut their mouths,their voices and take away their rights to be heard even in AN OPEN FORUM!

    Is this due to another editor being on vacation. There seems to be a discrepancy in reporting methods as it differentiates between editors and some of their local affiliations. just a thought

    Editor’s note: We handled this poll the same way all are conducted and did not exclude votes for any candidates.

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