Scott’s still not in step

Scott Brittain, Cayman’s fastest middle distance runner is not in any great shape for the Cayman Marathon on Sunday because of a foot injury.

The 2007 and 2008 Cayman Marathon winner and record holder has low expectations in the 26.2 mile race this weekend from Breezes by the Bay.

“Back in September everything was starting to look good for the New York Marathon in November and the Cayman Marathon,” Brittain said.

“I had three or four 20 mile runs already logged and was also just starting to build some good quality into them. At that point I would have been pretty confident I’d run under 2 hours 40 minutes in Cayman this year had I been able to keep up the training. But the recurring foot problems I’ve been having for the last 18 months struck again.

“I still wanted to go to New York and try to finish because I’d never run it before. I managed to finish, not in a great time, but was taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories to get me through it. I’ve tried to get some training done since New York to try and improve the fitness but the foot just hasn’t been able to make it further than six miles before the pain is too much.”

Brittain is still not sure he will run on Sunday. “It’s probably a decision I’ll make race morning depending on how the foot feels when I wake up. I’ve taken this week off entirely to give myself the best chance. I’ve also got a ski trip planned in January so I can’t afford to have my foot in a cast or boot because I’ve done more damage by running. If I start, there would be a good chance the injury won’t allow me to finish.”

Beth Schreader was fastest woman home in the Cayman Marathon last year in just over three hours. She is lined up for this weekend’s run and is relatively fresh.

“I was off island for most of November so I missed the Pirates Week races and the triathlon,” she said. “My year has gone well. My training over the summer was scaled back from what I’d previously been doing and I had low expectations going into my main fall marathon.

“I ran the Road2Hope marathon in Hamilton, Ontario on 7 November, the same day as New York.”

“I knew I wasn’t in personal record shape but I pleasantly surprised myself with a 3:03 and a second place finish. Thankfully, I underestimated the benefit of going from hot, humid Cayman weather to much cooler temps and a dry climate.

“Since R2H I’ve been taking it easy and mainly focusing on recovery. Four weeks between that race and Cayman is not a lot of time. I don’t have any goals for Cayman and hope to make it to the finish not too much slower than last year. It would be nice to run under 3:10 but that could be 
a stretch.”

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