St Matthew’s donates nursing books to ICCI library

St Matthew’s Medical School donated some 300 nursing books to the International College of the Cayman Islands on 2 December in an ongoing effort to rebuild the library to pre-Hurricane Ivan levels.

The books cover a wide range of nursing specialties such as oncology, paediatrics, midwifery ad pharmacology, and will provide a valuable resource to healthcare professionals and students in the community, said ICCI Acting Dean Anthony Husemann.

“These books are a major cache for us,” said Mr. Husemann. “Cooperation between the institutions of higher education like this donation from St Matthew’s University to the International College can only be good for the country. We look forward to more and broader connections between all the colleges and universities in the Cayman Islands with great expectations for the country’s future.”

Since there are not many professional nurses frequenting the library at St Matthew’s University compared to the past, the medical school decided to donate them to the International College with an eye toward making them available to the wider community, explained Senthil Kumar, dean of basic sciences at St Matthew’s University School of Medicine.

“We are always looking for opportunities to serve the wider Cayman community, and this is an excellent opportunity for us to contribute by providing some of the best educational resources to a leading educational institution,” said Dr. Kumar. “We are happy that these books will be put to best use by the library at International College, and St. Matthew’s University is glad to have had this opportunity.”

Prior to Hurricane Ivan, the library at ICCI had some 18,000 books, attracting doctoral students from across the Caribbean to conduct their research.

That changed in 2004 when Ivan destroyed 95 per cent of the library’s books and resource materials. Today, ICCI has less than 3,000 volumes as it continues to seek donations and funding to restock the library as a resource for students, instructors, researchers and professionals.

“One of our top priorities is to once again be both the International College and the Savannah-Newlands community library,” said Mr. Husemann.

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