Editorial for December 10: Action speak louder

Premier McKeeva Bush unveiled the government’s economic stimulus plan on Thursday evening.

The plan involves the implementation of policies and measures aimed at getting the Cayman Islands and its people back on firm economic ground.

In many cases, Mr. Bush said the goal was to establish the measures and policies so they would take effect some time during the first quarter of 2011. Even so, he warned that the measures wouldn’t lead to a full economic turnaround overnight.

We believe there were many good ideas mentioned in Mr. Bush’s speech; however, we noticed that a lot of the measures and policies are still in the preliminary/consideration/discussion stage. We really would have hoped for some more definitive proclamations given that there’s been a group formulating the stimulus plan for almost three months.

Be that as it may, now that Mr. Bush has announced what his government is doing/considering/discussing, we hope it has the convictions to carry the plans forward in spite of what some of his political adversaries will say.

Ultimately, the sitting government was elected by the people to lead the country and Mr. Bush was elected by the government to be its leader. In these days of political rivalries, politicians should realise they are never going to make everyone happy. This is especially true now because the historical paradigm of Cayman’s economic success has shifted and hard decisions that will necessitate change are needed.

As a result, opposition and criticism toward just about everything Mr. Bush and this government does is inevitable. In this age of talk radio and Internet blogs and forums, those criticisms will assuredly get aired in public.

What we’d like to see the government do is ignore what is being said on radio talk shows and Internet forums and start doing what it was elected to do: lead this country back to prosperity.

The legacy of this government will not be made by the whim of a public opinion often based on incorrect or incomplete information; it will be forged by actions and we hope to see plenty of those in the coming months.