Zombies premiere ‘spooks’ Cayman

Cayman got its first viewing of the North Side-shot comedy horror film Zombie Driftwood at Hollywood Theatres last week in an evening packed full of laughs and surprises.

The one-liners – some cheesy, some brilliant – had people either groaning or giggling, while the ongoing gag of headlines at the bottom of the screen during the news broadcasts kept stealing attention as lines like “One-armed man applauds new procedure” and “Doughnut shop to close, owner tired of whole business” crawled across the screen.

Caymanian actor Brian Braggs, who appears as a heavy metal fan visiting the island to see his favourite band and who takes on the zombies with bare-chested martial arts, said appearing in Zombie Driftwood was quite a fun job.

His sentiments were echoed by Michael McLaughlin who, as heavy-drinking cynic Teddy, almost stole the show with lines like “Booze doesn’t solve problems… but neither does tomato juice,” said the cast had great chemistry and worked well together.

“If the movie is anything like what we experienced while we were making it, you’re gonna laugh, there’s no two ways about it,” he said.

The plot of Zombie Driftwood is a simple one – a cruise ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle and re-appears off North Side, with its passengers having been turned into zombies who invade the island. Into this mix is thrown a couple visiting the island, a heavy metal band getting ready to take part in a battle of bands at the bar, a world weary barman and a pair of hard drinking regulars.

A full house, including a few people dressed as zombies, watched the premiere with the producers of the film and its director, Bob Carruthers.

As he prepared to view his work with a Cayman audience for the first time on Thursday night, 2 December, Mr. Carruthers described Cayman as a “wonderful place to work”, adding that the people he had worked with on the film had a “really positive attitude and they’re hard workers, so it made the job not just easy, but a lot of fun”.

He said he was delighted with the level of talent he found on the Island and he plans to return and make more films here with local actors and crew. He hopes to make four more films in Cayman in the next year or so and intends to return to Cayman in February to begin the next one.

As well as making a sequel to Zombie Driftwood, the Scottish director – who carried a copy of the DVD of the film in his kilt’s sporran to Thursday night’s premiere – intends to make a movie about zombie samurai Nazi SS storm troopers who go on the rampage in Cayman.

The scripts for those films will also be penned by Phil Eckstein, who owns and runs the Driftwood Bar where most of the movie is set. Mr. Eckstein wrote the screenplay for Zombie Driftwood also.

Although the screening at the premiere hit a glitch when it reset to the beginning about halfway through the movie, the receptive crowd, made up mostly of people who had appeared in or were crew on the film, took it all in their stride.

The film was scheduled to have an advanced screening Thursday, 9 December, with a second one to be shown next Thursday, 16 December, at 7pm.


  1. Wish we could have been there for the opening. Congradulations Phil!!!! Lokking forward to purchasing the DVD.

    John Grout
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