Letters to the Editor: Crime no political football

Crime and especially serious crime continues to be worrying to people in the Cayman Islands. It is important for the safety of the public and the tourism industry among others that Cayman remains a safe place.

We believe that the Governor, Deputy Governor the Police Commissioner and the police are doing their best to prevent crime and to bring criminals to justice. We have good judges and a good judicial system. The police need the community to give information of crimes they see and to cooperate with the police. However the community needs to be assured that they are protected when they cooperate.

Our worry is that notwithstanding this, serious crimes still continue. It is important that there be a clear strategic short and medium term plan to reduce crime. This may have to come from the new National Security Council, which has good capable members on it. Whatever money and other resources it takes to prevent and punish crime will be money well spent and should be considered a priority. Money has been and is being spent on other less important causes.

In the Compass newspaper of 29 November, 2010, a PPM Opposition MLA is criticising the UDP Government for not doing more on crime reduction. It would have been more constructive to put forward PPMs short and medium plan on crime (if PPM had one) during their four years when crime became a big problem. Criticism is not helping the problem and constructive solutions are necessary. In any event the leader of the Opposition is a member of the National Security Council so the PPM Deputy Leader appears to be criticizing his leader!

Crime is too important an issue to use politically and Government and Opposition must show united constructive non-political teamwork to deal with crime.

John McLean

Truman Bodden

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