Cruise ship may offer 
cabins for singles

Royal Caribbean International is considering fitting some of its older vessels with cabins geared to the single traveller.

In an interview with Travel Trade Gazette, president and chief executive officer of the company, Adam Goldstein, said that while the company would not make any alterations to new flagship vessels Oasis and Allure of the Seas, they did recognise that there was a demand for the single traveller business.

“We are going to be revitalizing our older ships such as Radiance of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas, and so we will have opportunity to create spaces for single travellers then.

It is definitely something that we are looking at,” he said.

Unusual move

Although single cabins are unusual in the cruise business, which is geared more toward couples and larger groups, some companies are looking at the business model.

In July, Norwegian’s new ship, Epic, featured over a hundred singles cabins and the company indicated its intent to fit two more new ships similarly when they are delivered in 2013 and 2014.

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