Editorial for December 15: Do as we say, not as we do

Let’s suppose… actually, let’s stop right there for a moment for the benefit of our legislators.

If a writing starts with “Let’s suppose…” it should signal to the reader that what follows is hypothetical, not necessarily fact. Contrary to the apparent beliefs of our legislators, when we began an editorial with “We suppose someone in the secret subcommittee… will say something like this over the coming weeks: ‘One only need look at what has happened with WikiLeaks to see the dangers inherent in FOI…” we really weren’t putting words in anyone’s mouth. Instead we were merely conveying that it was in the realm of possibility, for argument’s sake, that someone on the committee might say that and, therefore, every thing that followed was a hypothetical discussion.

Similarly, if we now start an editorial with “Let’s suppose the Caymanian Compass did contravene Legislative Assembly Standing Orders with one of our editorials last week” we are not saying we actually did. The truth is Standing Orders, and more importantly laws of this country, are contravened, suspended and ignored all the time by our Government. If anyone doubts this, just look at the requirements of the Public Management and Finance Law, which have routinely been contravened for years now by civil servants, and by extension, the politicians who have control over Cabinet ministries. In addition, Standing Orders had to be suspended last Thursday so that legislators could debate the urgent business of whether they should recommend the prosecution of the Caymanian Compass for impugning their integrity by “supposing” what one of them might say. Even Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence, who led the parade of indignant legislators by firing the first volley, chose to ignore House rules requiring representatives direct their addresses the speaker and not to others. East End MLA Arden McLean spent a good portion of his debate looking directly at the media in the balcony. That legislators of a government that so often breaks, ignores or suspends rules and laws would recommend the harsh penalty of criminal prosecution of a newspaper and reporter, simply because they felt their writings impugned their integrity, should frighten and appal everyone in this country.


  1. Continue this story thread, if you must. Starting a new, second thread that holds the Cayman government accountable for apparently not moving forward with a robust green energy implementation (not just studies) would be a socially responsible use of the power of the pen that you possess and now appear to be beating to death like a dead horse around the speaker of the house issue. Short of more data or other specific actions worth reporting, move-on. It appears to be over now. Move-on to the future of green energy to exploit the blessings youve been given here.

    Name it – wind; ocean energy and solar, this abundance appears to be squandered along with the profound opportunity to create an authentically green tourist industry past just rare plants; float trips for moneyed geriatrics and the run of the mill butterfly farms. Use your natural blessings to build something real. Do that and the world will come to see it. The challenge in the 21st century remains real leadership. Where is it? Is it at the Compass, government, both or none at all?

    You have power. Use it to advance that where you are now years behind most with just half, or less, of the natural blessings you enjoy here and appear to be taking for granted, Respectfully – John Stanton

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