Plan ahead for 2011

As the Christmas season fast approaches, our social calendars fill up with parties, dinners out, cookie exchanges, ‘extra happy’ happy hours and so on and so on.

The silly season is a great time of year to catch up with friends and family and consume lots of yummy treats, drinks lots of tasty cocktails and find excuses to ditch the exercise programme.

Even if you don’t exercise on a regular basis, this time of year never seems like a good time to start. 1 January. Yes, that seems like a good time to start… Well, 2 January if you have a hangover after all the celebrations on New Year’s Eve… Although it is a long weekend, so maybe starting the second week in January fresh on a Monday morning is the way to go… Although work can sometimes be absolutely crazy that week after catching up from the holidays, so maybe I’ll start next week… and so on and so on it goes, and before you know it, it’s February!

Why wait until after Christmas and New Year to start thinking about starting an exercise programme as part of a list of New Year’s resolutions?
Many people assume January is a great time to start ‘fresh’ and it can be a good way to kick-start someone into high gear. However, if you are like many people out there, the hype of the new year’s resolution is often greater than the actual resolve to do something about it.

Instead of waiting until January to decide what to do about your health and fitness, why not start thinking about it now? Whether your goal is to simply start exercising, to increase the intensity of your current fitness routine, learn a new sport or try a new fitness class, if you are prepared with a plan or even better ‐ a commitment to something specific ‐ you will be more willing to succeed and have no excuse not to.

Perhaps you or someone you love has always wanted to try a Pilates class, take up golf or even start running. Why not help them along with some brand new work out gear, sport equipment or a gift certificate for classes?

Or perhaps you have a family member or friend who has been talking about working with a personal trainer for ages but has never followed through. Why not use that as a great Christmas gift idea? This way when January rolls around, the preparation work has already been done and you are ready to go. No excuses!

So end the year off right by enjoying the season of good food, good company and a great new year’s health and fitness plan.

Deanna Smith is an exercise physiologist and pilates instructor at Energy. She can be contacted at: 946‐6006 or [email protected]

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