Emergency tech takes to the road

The newest emergency medical technician at the Health Services Authority is Caymanian Terri Quappé.

Ms Quappé carried out her training in Miami earlier this year and was subsequently employed at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

“Before moving on to becoming qualified as an EMT-Intermediate or a paramedic, I am currently working to become proficient as an EMT-Basic,” Ms Quappé said, “and the reason for this is that much of the necessary skills are learnt on the job. During a call you rarely come across textbook situations.

“Through experience, you are able to recognise something that you have seen before, and know how to deal with it,” she said.

The Islands’ newest EMT said a bit of communications, a bit of psychology and a level head is critical to emergency services.

“There is another component to this job that is crucial to acquire if you are to be effective and that is becoming comfortable and familiar with human behaviour in adverse and usually frantic situations,” she said.

Ms Quappé, 23, is the daughter of musical duo Chuck and Barrie Quappé, and could be said to be following in her mother’s footsteps into the health field. Barrie Quappe, a former nurse, is the Islands’ health practice and facilities inspector.

Ms Quappé graduated from St. Ignatius High School and then attended universities in New York and Miami, pursuing a degree in musical theatre.

She left university early and joined the US Air Force in 2008.

She moved back to Cayman in December 2009 and worked at Red Sail Sports. After a “ride-along” with the Cayman Islands Hospital emergency medical services, she was attracted by the variety and unpredictability of pre-hospital emergency care and transportation.

“It is different every day once we get a call and have to go out into the field,” Ms Quappé said. “You never really know what to expect. I also enjoy the level of autonomy that we experience while out in
the field.”

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