North Side sweeps the board at Fish Fry

Every night during Gimistory 2010, each district had the opportunity to both intrigue and entertain as well as show off their wares.

The festival was held between 30 November and 4 December and attracted interested locals and tourists to all the events – and of course to sample the delicious food.

It was North Side that took the honours across the board, with judges considering their offerings the best in the categories of best fish fry, best fritters and best swanky. The six-strong team featured Eddie Barnes, Jay Ebanks, Geoffry Ebanks, Stanley Panton, Feliciana Ebanks and Wendy Quinland.

West Bay and George Town tied for second place in best fry fish and best fritters and East End took second spot for best swanky.

“We are ecstatic and elated to be recognized for all the hard work that we did,” said Ms Quinland.

Delighted organisers

Organisers Cayman National Cultural Foundation said that they were delighted with this year’s event.

“Congratulations to North Side on winning all three categories and thank you to everyone who took part in this annual celebration of food and drink,” said Lorna Bush.

The prizes were partially sponsored by Bacchus – each member of the winning team received dinner certificates. Guest judges nightly included William Chisholm and Luigi Moxam.

Special mention went to the George Town team which consisted of one cook in Georgeann Rankine, said Rita Estevanovich.

“Everyone was impressed that she was able to cook for over 300 persons – alone! Her helpers were grandkids who we hope will continue the tradition.

“I want to compliment West Bay for their hospitality, East End for the special seville orange swanky they mixed for judges and North Sound for how well they were organised – and the special condiments added in for the fish,” said Ms. Estevanovich.

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