Quest on the Marl Road takes
experiences from the Brac

Kathleen Bodden-Harris launches new book

Quest on the Marl Road, a new book by Kathleen Bodden-Harris, is based on true stories of the lives of animals she has observed while living in Cayman Brac, and is a take on life from their perspective.

Chronicling the epic quest of two tiny crabs, Lenny and Sarge, who must save an endangered Island from the invasive species of humans that are mindlessly wreaking havoc on their environment, the book is very much a conservation effort by the author, as well.

“The story was there in front of me every day, and is a bit of fantasy mixed with facts. It had to be done, and once I got started, the book possessed me,” said Mrs. Bodden Harris, who appeared at Hobbies and Books last Saturday.

She added that the work, which is a marriage of spirit and science, took only three weeks to write.

What is a fascinating tale about the adventures and psyche of animals is also an intensely interesting glimpse into a world that is no doubt different than that of human beings. Viewed through the spectacles of the animals’ understanding, and creatures who do not know what cars are, refer to them as the bubbles with lights that they know they have to avoid, the animals look up to the bluff and see it as their God, protector and source of nurturing.

This book is great for the whole family and is a means of sensitising people to the plight faced by many animals living in a world ruled by humans, who are relatively new to their existence. With characters such as King Sebastian, Isabel and Stumpy the iguanas, the author said her vision is to eventually see the narrative become an animated feature. Currently a screenwriter on Island is working to produce a screenplay.

“You are taking home a piece of the Brac. The stories are actually from my back yard and things I have seen on the Bluff, as well as in my time working with the National Trust,” she said. “I want people to be conscious of what we are doing to the environment and the impact we must have on the lives of these animals.”

Bodden-Harris is the daughter of Captain Tracey and Evalee Bodden of Grand Cayman. Both sides of her family are direct descendants of the Islands’ original settlers. She was born and raised in Tampa, after her family joined the first wave of Caymanian immigrants to settle in the Tampa Bay area after world World War II, when her father returned from his service at sea. With a deep love and respect for the sea instilled in her from an early age, Bodden-Harris said she felt an irresistible call to return to her homeland. Shortly after her father’s death, she was introduced to Cayman Brac and fell in love with the Island. Having raised her two children, she decided it was time to make the move she had long dreamed of.

Quest on the Marl Road is now available at Hobbies and Books.

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