‘Sanctuary’ debuts with luxe products

Health Care Pharmacy in Grand Harbour previews its new concept, The Sanctuary, today, Friday, 17 December, ahead of a grand opening next spring.

The Sanctuary at Health Care Pharmacy is a home, skin, bath and body emporium that features eclectic goods of superior quality, according to a press release.

Throughout the holidays, the pharmacy will be featuring special prices on the new products and beginning today, a sweepstakes in which customers will have a chance to win a beautiful, luxe basket of home, bath and body products.

One of The Sanctuary’s brands is L’Ojet, a luxury line of home goods, all hand-made by European and Asian master craftsmen. The product line includes photo frames encrusted with Swarovski crystals and accents of 24k gold and platinum, and salt cellars made of Limoges porcelain, L’Ojet also offers luxurious tableware and elegant home décor items, the press release said.

Additionally, Lemon Grass offers hand-crafted scented candles and soaps, and the Jovees brand features a line of herbal cosmetics produced in Rudrapur and Noida, India.

The Sanctuary also offers bath and body products by Fruits & Passion from Canada, which use genuine plant extracts and are eco-friendly.

To enhance product knowledge and customer service, the staff at Health Care Pharmacy recently underwent training as it prepares to promote The Sanctuary.

Starting today, when The Sanctuary’s sweepstakes kicks off, customers will have a chance to win a beautiful luxe basket of home, bath and body products. On Saturday, 18 December, the Countdown to Christmas starts, featuring daily incentives, with savings on all the brands featured at The Sanctuary.

To round out the festivities, on 24 December, Christmas Eve Madness Sales Event will take centre stage, and once again a bounty of surprises and savings will be offered.

There will also be great deals at The Sanctuary after Christmas and for New Year’s with the New Year’s Eve Gifts of Love sales event.

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