Celebration of human rights

A festival to mark Cayman’s first celebration of Human Rights Day, officially observed worldwide on 10 December, was held at Caymana Bay on 11 December.

The event was in advance of the new Cayman Islands Bill of Rights, which is to be introduced next year.

Celebrating unity and solidarity under the banner of human rights, according to the organisers, the event was attended by a cross-section of individuals and featured ar, music and information on the new bill of rights. Representatives from the Human Rights Commission handed out pamphlets to visitors.

Governor Duncan Taylor and his wife Marie Beatrice were also on hand to support the event and appreciate the works of the artists involved.

Photographer Patrick Broderick, commenting on his collage of human faces, said, “This is a representation of who we are as people and how each person’s uniqueness is vital to the bigger picture,” he said.

The event was planned by the Human Rights Commission and Eden Hurlston, who organised the musical offerings. He said he thought it went well, “and we had a good turnout. People seemed to enjoy themselves. We are very much looking forward to making it bigger and better the next time around.”

This year’s theme for International Human Rights Day was Speak Out, Stop Discrimination. The Human Rights Commission’s motto is protecting, preserving and romoting human rights.

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