Frecko won’t quit like Favre

For all intents and purposes Brett
Favre’s days as a pro quarterback are behind him. He has been placed on injured
reserve for the Minnesota Vikings’ last three games and he seems set to make 2010
his last season in the pocket.

The same cannot be said for his
Cayman Islands counterpart Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks. The West Bay resident is
Cayman’s iron-man in American football as he has played in nearly 150 straight
flag football games over nine years. At this point Ebanks, 40, is set to suit
up for a number of years into the future. Ebanks didn’t say much on the matter
recently though back in October he stated “I’ll see what happens when I reach

Cayman Islands Flag Football
Association President Jamal Young has seen Ebanks guide the Hellcats to five
national championships in the last seven years. Young states that Ebanks will
be a stalwart for more championships.

“Frecko has been doing his thing
since we played at the rugby club, when Arthur (Screaton, who is now a referee)
was a quarterback,” Young said. “He has the most starts in the league, the most
consecutive games at quarterback and has the most club appearances. I can’t
remember anyone taking more reps in our league. The next closest guy might be
his offensive lineman Adrean “Subway” Russell.

“There’s only one Frecko and he’s
been a big part of Hellcats history. No one has been there as consistently as
Frecko and to be honest he has been in the league from its very beginning. A
lot of people may not know that Doss (Solomon) and Teddy (George Hydes, the
Hellcats head coach) make up the second string. In any case I say Frecko has
five more years left in him. In fact with Frecko I see the Hellcats going for
another title next year to make a three-peat.”

If Ebanks carries on for another
decade that would be close to another 150 games on his resume. In total Ebanks
could make it to 300 straight games. Favre played in 297 straight regular
season games (officially he has made 321 consecutive starts including the playoffs).
He sat out last Monday due to pain in his shoulder and arm that resulted in
numbness in his throwing hand.

Favre had not missed a game for 18
years starting in 1992. The next closest player in the pro ranks to Favre’s
record is Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (206 straight games).

With his team at 5-8 and staring at
another loss against the Chicago Bears Favre states he is no hurry to get back
this year.

“I’ve played through a lot of stuff
but this is something different that I’ve got to be more cautious of,” Favre
said. “I won’t play again if I can’t feel my hand. It’s been a great run. I
will not hang my head one bit because it ended. I never dreamed of playing
300-plus straight games. I just dreamed of playing in the NFL.

“I think it’s a very difficult
thing to do. And I realize that more now. I can’t believe that something like
this (the streak) hasn’t happened before.”

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