Kittiwake on her way to Cayman Islands

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The former USS Kittiwake is on her way to Cayman.

The vessel’s arrival had been delayed due to weather
conditions, but she is currently under tow.

The  former
submarine rescue vessel will be sunk off the north west of Seven Mile Beach
where she will become an exciting new dive attraction, one which is gathering
attention worldwide. As yet, a schedule of the actual sinking has not been

Project manager Nancy Easterbrook was delighted that the
ship was embarking on one of the final legs of a seven-year project.

“Getting the Kittiwake under tow finally is a momentous
occasion. After so many years of a very complicated project, having the Kittiwake depart Norfolk [Virginia] with a
clear weather window to start the tow is extremely exciting news!

“With over 1,000 people employed in the water sports
industry, this is going to be a great boost to local businesses with a new
water-based tour to take visitors to and an awesome experience for residents
living here. I think that most everyone is very excited and we are praying for
fair winds and following seas for the next two weeks.”

The project is a partnership between the Cayman Islands
Tourism Association and the Ministry and Department of Tourism and it is set to
become a significant attraction for snorkellers and divers alike.

Acting director of tourism Shomari Scott was delighted at
the news.

“Cayman’s tourism sector, and in particular, the dive
industry, has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Kittiwake, which
will be a welcome addition to the already impressive number of dive sites.

“I invite the dive sector and the public to join us in
celebrating this milestone, by watching the sinking either from the West Bay
public beach or from one of the boats that will be available to the public,” he

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The Kittiwake has left Norfolk, Virginia, on its way to Grand Cayman. Photo: Submitted

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