Ladies pulling for Florida props

Some of Cayman’s best female flag football players will be in action early in the New Year.

A Cayman select team is being organized to take part in the US Flag and Touch League national flag football championships 14-16 January, 2011. Kissimmee, Florida will host the competition which is in its 40th year and features hundreds of teams from the States and the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association has been hosting tryouts for the team this winter. The latest round of practices took place last Saturday at the Ed Bush Field. The venue is nothing new for the two dozen women who showed up as the West Bay pitch has hosted matches in the national women’s league the last two years.

Many of the attendees at the training sessions are elite players. With the likes of Ali Amos, Bobeth O’Garro and Keisha Solomon (nee Terry) all taking downs Cayman have a solid side.

Association president Jamal Young (who has seen the youth and female leagues come along well the last two years) has observed team preparations and states Cayman should hold its own in late January.

“We have the la creme de la creme,” Young said. “The leaders in passing, receiving and defence are all on the team. We’re sending away our best ladies. There’s going to be about 300 teams there in Florida. There will be men’s, women’s and kids’ squads.

“However we’re confident about our chances abroad. In 2011 we’re going to take our time to get the girls fit and get ready for more tournaments later in the year.”

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