Dog poisonings are repulsive

Mahatma Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation and its
moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

If this is true, then the Cayman Islands has a long way to
go on its road to greatness and moral progress.

Once again, someone has decided that the best way to deal
with what they considered bothersome dogs was to poison them, most likely with

This time someone deliberately put poison on food and put
the dish in someone’s yard. As a result, all four of the homeowner’s loved pet
dogs are now dead.

It is unconscionable that here, in a Christian society, that
members of our community can continually be so cruel.  Deliberately
killing someone’s pet by purposely giving them a poison that causes a slow,
painful death is not only inhumane, it’s criminal. What if a small child had
somehow ingested the food?

The poisoning issue isn’t new; it’s been happening for
years.  This time it was North Side, but it’s happened before in East End,
South Sound and West Bay.  This tells us that the problem isn’t with just
one offender, and that there is some kind of subculture of abhorrent behaviour
at work.

Something really must be done; these kinds of incidents are
not consistent with the way a country that promotes itself as the fifth largest
financial services centre in the world should behave.  These continual dog
poisonings do not show the Cayman Islands in a very good light to the
international community.

Since none of the recent dog poisonings have led to arrests,
we really can’t count on justice being done. Instead, Cayman should concentrate
on changing, through education, people’s perceptions of the way animals are
treated. This effort, which should start with young children in school, could
include lessons on responsible pet ownership.  Too many people here seem
to think the responsibilities of pet ownership end at feeding.

With many people viewing their pets as members of the
family, poisoning a dog is akin to murder in the minds of some.  Although
the law doesn’t see it that way, it is still a crime. More importantly, the act
of killing someone else’s pet merely because it is bothersome, should be
against all of the morals we are taught.


  1. Dog poisoning is deplorable, and no one should be so cruel. But dog owners has to be responsible. Point; My wife and I was walking along a beach, you could clearly see where other people also walked in the sand. Noticeably most of the footprints abruptly stopped and all I could see were dog prints. I continued down the beach, suddenly a vicious dog came running toward us, teeth bared and growling seemly in an attack mode, I jumped in front of my wife to protect her, just as suddenly as it started the dog stopped the attack and ran toward its sea shore home. Now I have walked these beaches all my years and I can remember the old folks telling tales of coming from ground at night on their donkey and running into barbed wire fence on the beach, where some new homeowner had erected all the way to the waters edge. They insisted the high-water mark was the water edge back in those days. But now the fence had been replaced with a dog.. The dog had free access to the whole beach and reason there were no human footprints on the beach he patrolled. Imagine that! human activity controlled by a canine. Our old folks used to tie a rope to the end of the fence and peel it back to the true high-water mark, now people was just coming to the edge of the beach and turning back.. Why someone would poison a loving dog is beyond me..

  2. If you put aside the horrible act itself (and poisoning dogs is horrible and the people who do it are repulsive), the most appauling aspect of these dog poisonings is that the police have yet to make a single arrest. Crime continues to be a major problem on this island, which was once widely considered safe. These days it is a rare occurrence that there is NOT a report of crime in the newspaper. I guess we should all rejoice that these murders are not against people, although Im sure the first murder of 2011 is not far away.

    It is time for the government to face facts. Crime has become a massive problem on this island, from murders to robberies to home invasion to animal poisoning. And the traditional methods that the police have used to combat crime are no longer effective. New techniques must be explored, new experts must be brought in to educate the police force on fighting these problems, and most importantly, the government must make a concerted effort (including spending a LOT of money) to fight this problem!

    This government has yet to show any sort of commitment to addressing the significant increas in crime in Cayman. It is time for the government to step up and actively fight this problem!

  3. Editor, thank you for voicing my EXACT sentiments! I have been so saddened and angered by this horrific story. My heart goes out to Samm Gage. I hope and pray this immoral scumbag is discovered and brought to justice. May they be punished and suffer as those beloved dogs did.
    RIP Noodles, Teahupoo, Apple and Marley. :'(