Filipino politician photographs killer

before being shot, a local councilman in the Philippines captured a photograph
of the man who was about to pull the trigger. Now, police are using it to solve
the case and track down the killer.

Dagsa, councilman of a section of Caloocan
City, was taking a
picture of three of his family members standing alongside a car.

In the
photo, behind them, is a man in a cap pointing a gun directly at Dagsa. There
is also another man in the photo, later identified as the shooter’s lookout,
CNN affiliate ABS-CBN reported.

There was
so much noise in the street that the family did not hear the gunshot, but saw
Dagsa fall to the ground, police said. Dagsa later died in a hospital.

family turned the photo over to police, who then raided homes in the area and
arrested two men.

Police Chief Superintendent Jude Santos told CNN the two are suspects,
“but the gunman is still at large. But we will get him — he has been
identified in the photo.”