Letters to the Editor: Water runs down hill

A closer look at the proposed dock they want to build at Half Moon Bay in East End; I really wonder if the present leaders of our country have gone mad.

If not, they had better take another good look at what they are trying to make happen. I know for a fact not one of them knows anything about Half Moon Bay in East End, not even the present owner of the land where they want to put this dock.

For if they did, they would see exactly what I am saying in this letter.

That area of land where they would like to put this dock was owned by my family – the Levys. The front part of that land to the sea was once loaded with piles of rocks put there by the sea.

They were put there by almighty God for a reason. Sadly, instead of using them in that same area for a good and wise purpose, they were all removed and trucked away and a quarry rock stone wall was built across a large section of Half Moon Bay. Those same rocks that were trucked away could have been used to build that stone wall and saved the government lots of money. Never the less, they are all gone.

Now, since Hurricane Ivan in 2004, little is there to stop the strong wave action from the sea that goes on in that area. Now that all the rocks are gone, there is only a very low stone wall.

Now if we really look at that area very good, from the stone wall north, the elevation rises then tapers off to where from the high ridge you can see down in the back lands and even toward the north side area and Frank Sound; even parts of the water table section of East End and, as you should know, a lot of the farm land back there.

I would like for all to know and understand that High Ridge was also put there by almighty God and the sea. The millions of years of storms coming to this Island has created have created such ridges on this our Island home and if the High Ridge is removed at Half Moon Bay, the sea will have nothing to stop it. I know that if you put up a 20-foot wall around the dock area that they want to build, the waves in the Ivan storm rose in some areas 55 feet and ran on land 25 to 30 feet putting boats on top of condos.

Take a good look at Half Moon Bay.

From the first ridge that takes you around the eastern corner of the new stone wall, Lovers Wall at Half Moon Bay, going to East End, stand up there and take a good look you wise men and understand that you can see almost to Manse Road in Bodden Town for the elevation is very high there.

And if you put a dock there, you will flood this Island west of Half Moon Bay. The best place to put this cruise ship port is in the back of Bodden Town’s North Sound area. This is my personal view; in the North Sound by Boobie Cay under the lea, close to Cayman Kai.

That area is always calm and the back side of Cayman needs to be developed. The people that own that land in the back of the Island can now benefit from their lands back there.

The investors that want to build this port; instead of you trying to help destroy parts of Cayman and shipping the fill away that you expect to get at Half Moon Bay, help the Government to build that port in the North Sound.

After all, the North Sound is easy to dredge and it belongs to us, the people of Cayman.

All the fill that would come from it would belong to Government and this so badly needed fill could be used to build all the necessary roads, including the super highway that we need. The fill could also be used to fill any area need for the port building and areas around and perhaps fill to stockpile for future use.

Our people would benefit and save a lot of money. The dock in the area I am talking about would not effect Stingray City or Cayman Kai.

I know perhaps some people expect to make some quick money off this proposed East End dock, but people of Cayman, this is our Island and what is done on it affects us all and all that goes on on it must benefit all of us, not just some special groups of a small group of people.

Now I am asking all Caymanians to take a very good look at the port plans that they have for this port in East End – Half Moon Bay – and please tell all that would want to put the port there that this is not a wise thing for our people in that location. But we would like to see, with the help of investors, the best cruise ship dock in the Caribbean, but not at the cost of one single Caymanian life or our water table’s fresh water or farm lands.

I do not think that anyone from West Bay or George Town or any outsiders understand the eastern section of Grand Cayman’s lands. I would like to thank Mr. Arden McLean for being wise in trying to educate the people into saying no to the dock in East End. Please keep up the good work and we will be behind you in this proposed dock in Half Moon Bay. To all of our wise people, please try and show our leaders that the North Sound is the best place for this dock. Happy New Year to all and God bless.

Emile S. Levy