Online poll Your top resolutions

More than 61 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll who said they have a New Year’s resolution want to lose weight and get healthier.

Of the 333 total respondents, 98 of them – 29.5 per cent – said they didn’t have a New Year’s resolution.

However, of the 235 people who did have New Year’s resolutions, 145 of them – or 43.5 per cent of the total – said it was to lose weight/get healthier.

“It’s pretty much the same thing I resolve to do every year, especially after the holiday excesses,” said one person. “Obviously, this is a constant battle with me.”

“I plan on ensuring it’s not the same New Year’s resolution next year, again!” said someone else.

“Although I’ll probably have to drink less as well to get healthier,” said another person.

Twenty-nine people – 8.7 per cent – said their New Year’s resolution was to quit drinking or drink less, and 24 people – 7.2 per cent – said it was to quit smoking. Thirty-seven people – 11.1 per cent – answered the question “other” and offered a variety of different resolutions.

“Help others more often and do at least one kind thing for someone every day, including strangers,” said one person.

“Save money to build a house,” said someone else.

“To stop swearing so much,” said another respondent.

“Chill out more and not get so stressed,” said one person. “There’s always less fortunates in the world.”

“Move to Grand Cayman from Canada,” said someone from overseas.

“Find employment outside Cayman,” said another.

“To improve my communication with friends and family,” said one respondent. “Let’s face it; time gets away from all of us and I want those I love to know that I love them – any time and always.”

“Simplify my life and draw nearer to God,” said someone else.

“Be happier in life,” commented another.

“Suffer fools more gladly,” said one person.

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