Jet ski chiefs unite

Three of Cayman’s biggest promoters of water sports have joined forces to ensure races are organised to maximum efficiency and safety in the future.

The Cayman Endurance Racing Group has been formed between Shane Edwards (East End Surf Challenge), Kenny Rankin (Jet Around Cayman) and Don Patrick (WesTec Nationals).

The aim of the group is that as promoters they will assist each other with race marshalling, safety and technical aspects of endurance watercraft racing and each will make an equal contribution to an overall trophy and prize to the Cayman Endurance Champion which will be the overall winner in the series of races that include East End Surf Challenge, Jet Around Cayman and WesTec Nationals.

Edwards said: “This in turn is good for endurance watercraft racing and will encourage more racers to participate in all endurance races which will make the sport more competitive.

“We will begin the points to lead up to the endurance champion starting with the East End Surf Challenge 2011. We are also open to including any future developed endurance races and welcome all other promoters of endurance watercraft racing particularly the Cayman Islands Watercraft Association to be a part of the Cayman Endurance Racing Group.”

The 2011 East End Surf Challenge, held on Heroes Weekend, is on from 21-24 January this year and is sure to be another great crowd attraction.

The points system used to determine the overall Cayman Endurance Champion will be adapted from the American Power Boating Association 100 point system. Only the highest racing class will be eligible for the Endurance Championship.

Another basic rule is that the course layout must be of a certain structure and size to be considered an endurance race. Each promoter and event must make an equal contribution to the overall cash prize and trophy which will be no less than cash CI$1,500. In addition they intend to keep sponsored prizes for the winner.

To be eligible to win the Cayman Endurance Champion riders must enter all races in the series of endurance races included in the CERG. The Cayman Endurance Champion will be presented in a press briefing at the end of the race season.


Like minded colleagues are, from left, Rankin, Patrick and Edwards. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED