Alden gets GT nod

George Town MLA Alden McLaughlin received three nominations last week for the soon-to-be vacant leadership position of the opposition People’s Progressive Movement political party.

The nominations were made Wednesday during a meeting of the George Town branch of the opposition party, of which Mr. McLaughlin is the chairman.

PPM George Town branch members also nominated Ray Farrington for the position of general secretary.

The nomination for a leader to replace out-going party leader Kurt Tibbetts is by no means a done deal. Other branches of the PPM party have until 16 January to hold district meetings to nominate their own candidates. At least one other PPM MLA, Arden McLean of East End, has publicly expressed a desire to seek the party’s leadership position.

A final decision on party leadership will be made at a national meeting of the PPM set for 12 February, at which time a general secretary will also be chosen.

Cayman’s new Constitution also calls for a deputy opposition leader to be selected, but the PPM George Town party branch did not nominate anyone for that position since it currently does not exist. Branch deputy chairperson Lucille Seymour said the party could vote to create that position at the 12 February meeting.

Opposition Leader Tibbetts announced his decision to step down from party leadership on 10 November.

Stating that his decision was necessary in order to prepare the PPM for the next general election cycle, Mr. Tibbetts said he fully intends to stay involved in Cayman politics and serve out the remainder of his term of office. “Nothing is going to change except that someone else will shoulder the responsibility of leadership,” he said in November.

The opposition leadership position must be selected from among the elected leadership of the PPM. Elected members include Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. McLean, Sister Islands MLA Moses Kirkconnell and Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden. Mr. Tibbetts has said any of the four men would be a suitable replacement for him in the leader’s post.