New health conference scheduled for Cayman

A second major health conference will be held in Cayman this month.

The Cayman Islands Healthcare Thought Leaders Forum is scheduled to be held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on 19 January, two months after the Healthcare 20/20, a Cayman Islands National Healthcare Conference which aimed to kick start a strategic plan for healthcare locally.

The November conference was the first of its kind in Cayman and drew experts and specialists from around the world.

The forum this month will focus on improving the quality of healthcare in the Caribbean and look at ways to reduce healthcare costs and increase employment for Cayman Island residents.

President and CEO of CBCA Administrators – an employee benefits management company – Ken Di Bella will lead the forum with a presentation detailing ways that wellness and chronic illness management programmes can benefit Cayman’s population by reducing healthcare costs and promoting healthy living.

He will also explore ideas on how to keep more Cayman healthcare dollars on Island.

“Through my relationship with CINICO, I have come to understand and appreciate the unique aspects of the healthcare system of the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Di Bella said.

“Our goal is to create an open discussion that will foster growth and bring revolutionary ideas to the future of healthcare on the Cayman Islands.”

Health minister Mark Scotland will give the opening address. Also speaking at the event will be Dr. Edward Cabrera, chief medical officer of KePRO, a care 
management company.


  1. Conferences, such as this one, bring Cayman a lot of revenue. Many extend their stay — or once here, like it and decide to come back with their families at a later date.

    Cayman should seriously consider building a large convention centre. Not smaller ones attached to hotels, but a proper convention centre that can house large conventions — or several smaller conventions at the same venue. And it should be located in Savannah or on the Eastern end of the island — not 7 MB area.
    Cayman gets passed over for all of the large international conventions because we just dont have the facilities. And a convention centre is relatively simple to build — essentially, they are just big empty rooms with a stage. And of course a big kitchen in the middle to prepare meals. It would create a lot of jobs for Camanians — why hasnt someone thought of this before ?

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