Walker’s Wendy’s closes

The Wendy’s fast food restaurant on Walker’s Road in George Town will close its doors on Friday.

Walker’s Wendy’s Manager Melvin Tavares and his staff will keep their jobs, although they’ll move to different on-island Wendy’s locations.

“Some of us are going to work in Savannah or on Seven Mile Beach,” Mr. Tavares said, adding that everyone will keep their jobs although he’ll have to change duties. “I’m going to be a supervisor there.”

The Walker’s Road Wendy’s approached the end of its 10-year, “CI$5,600 and change” per month lease, and could not come to terms on a new lease, according to Wendy’s District Manager Alan Romana.

“The owners and the landlord didn’t agree on the renewal,” he said. “They cannot not give us a shorter lease, and we don’t want to be stuck there.”

Wendy’s Cayman is currently looking at relocating the store to another George Town location.

“We’re looking within the area of Elgin Avenue,” Mr. Romana said.

The Walker’s Road Wendy’s will be open on Friday, 14 January, and the next day, Saturday, the store will be closed for good.


Walker’s Road Wendy’s in George Town will close its doors Friday.
Photo: Brian Wright


  1. I couldnt agree more aeroplane. Everyone needs to stop eating fast foods.

    Eat fish,lean meats, olive coconut oil, veggies and fruits and everyone would feel and look great. All grains, legumes and bad fats gone forever. Every one needs to subscribe to the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.

    Maybe someone could start a PS restaurant there. It could be the rave.

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